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23 Mandan Drive
Sanford, MB, R0G 2J0


Salvaging one-of-a-kind pieces of reclaimed timber and live edge wood, Living Edge Furnishings creates beautiful, long-lasting pieces which will last for generations and are sure to be conversation pieces.

LIVING EDGE Hand Crafted Furnishings | Winnipeg

Living Edge Handcrafted Furnishings builds furniture and one-of-a-kind pieces using reclaimed timber and live edge wood to create unique tables, benches, home decor and custom designed furniture and installations.

Living Edge Handcrafted Furnishings was started in Sanford, Manitoba, inspired by the beauty of natural wood and as a means to create unique home furnishings. Salvaging one-of-a-kind pieces of reclaimed timber and live edge wood, Living Edge creates beautiful, long-lasting pieces which will last for generations and are sure to be conversation pieces. Living Edge also works directly with customers who are looking for a custom designed one-of-a-kind piece to add to their home. 

Every step of the manufacturing process is environmentally-friendly, ensuring that when you purchase a unique piece of furniture from Living Edge Handcrafted Furnishings, you are supporting a sustainable, local company, greatly reducing the environmental impact.


Living in the country, surrounded by woods and the La Salle River, inspires each piece that Ryan creates, as he strives to create furnishings as unique and long-lasting as the natural world around him. Read more >

Our Process

Every gorgeous piece begins with an idea, which is sketched out and thoughtfully considered. Once the wood is delivered, they... Read more >


We make it part of our mission to use the most sustainable, environmental process through welding and stain... Read more >


What Our Clients Say About US

I purchased the Artistic Stainless Tree from you a few months ago. I named it the “Family Tree” and gave it to one of my daughters who has it placed prominently in her living room. I wanted to let you know that everyone who sees the tree is fascinated by the piece and comments on your extraordinary talent. It is a truly beautiful piece of art.
— La Verla Wogsberg, Alberta, Canada (2016)
My wife and I were having a hard time finding the right table for the modern architecturally designed house we were building. By chance, I knew Ryan from my work and he had given me his card as he was building fine furniture now. We checked out his website and we loved his work. We knew he did custom pieces so we developed an idea of what we wanted, and Ryan worked with us to craft the perfect coffee table that accents and anchors our new living room. His craftsmanship is of top quality and he constantly follows up with us to see if he need to fix anything on the piece. The piece is perfect and shows Ryan’s loving care and dedication to his work. Ryan is honest, humble and hardworking. We are very satisfied with working with him and would gladly recommend him to anyone looking for unique hand crafted furniture.
— Casey Woo, MD
When we bought our river heights bungalow along with it came two beautiful huge apple trees in the back yard. All we could think of was that these trees were lovingly planted at the time the house was built in the 1950’s or earlier. We of course loved these trees and the shade and green they provided. Unfortunately after several wet and windy summer..and much attention on our part, our two apple trees had reach the end of their life cycle, and there was not more we could do to save them. These trees had been apart of this property for over half a century and we knew that we wanted to find a way to preserve the wood and keep it a part of our house. By luck we were introduced to Ryan and learned about his living edge furniture creations. Instantly we could tell that not only was he passionate about his work, he was a talented artist and creator, who was just as enthusiastic about preserving a part of our trees as we were. Ryan was extremely professional and dedicated to creating the best pieces of furniture from our wood as possible, making sure throughout the design process, to highlight and feature the natural woods’ beauty in the best way possible. The communication and involvement we had as customers made us feel like we had 100% involvement in the design and creation process. We were confidant that Ryan was helping us to create and invision pieces of furniture that were not only functional, but a piece of art..Pieces that met all our requirements and would truly honour our tree to keep it a part of this family home, as it had been for so many years. We are not only 100% satisfied with the way our living edge furniture turned out, but the process of creating it and working with Ryan has been rewarding from the very start. From picking up the wood, to pictures and communication along every step of the cutting, kiln drying, design and creating process, Ryan was so hands on working together with us. He is professional, artistic and creative and his passion for his craft is completely evident in every thing he does. Thank you Ryan for creating timeless and unique pieces of furniture that help to keep these trees very much a part of our home..for many years to come. The beauty of these pieces is just as timeless as the wood and the trees that they came from.
— Launi Diamond and Bryan Rear